Market Entry

IBC provides a full suite of business risk analysis and important insights into government policy, competition and regulation to give potential entrants a definitive edge for market entry into the lucrative Middle Eastern and Malaysian Markets.

The market entry process includes due-diligence processes, consultations with key stakeholders, procurement of strategic partners and potential investors. IBC specializes on a wide range of business and investment structures. We have established a wide network of business alliances and communications managements involving government bodies to facilitate cross-border business transaction.

Our market entry services offer sound options and market entry strategies for regional businesses going global or global businesses looking to penetrate new markets.

Strategic Research

Our research publication, the IBC Global Monitor combines insights on key markets around the world. Our research focuses on the international flows of capital as well as good and services. The information on trade flows provides IBC with an edge in anticipating the reaction from market forces in the global economy.

The strategic research services that IBC offers compliments our market entry services that we provide to our corporate clients. Our clients obtain crucial information on market activity within the targeted sector of interest. This edge enables our clients to make better informed decisions in the deployment of capital and resources and acts as a point of reference for the planning and execution of strategic plans.

Global Wealth Management

The wealth management industry has developed over the number of years which has enabled the provision of more sophisticated financial products to investors. IBC leverages on its financial expertise and market research capabilities to identify investment targets with high barriers to entry and strong cash flows.

Our strategic wealth and financial planning services caters to our clients need to protect, preserve and accumulate wealth. We adopt a structured and well diversified investment portfolio to achieve our investment targets. The approach that we developed is to understand our clients risk management preference and planning our investment targets according to the lifestyle, education, retirement and taxation needs in a holistic manner.

Our research has indicates a high-potential in capital markets investment, which is supported by strong economic fundamentals. In line with our research, our wealth management strategy aims to capitalize on the investments in capital market activities which is a diversified and rapidly expanding market.

Inbound Services

With its stable geo-political environment, and vibrant economy, Malaysia is seen as an attractive destination for an alternative residency option. IBC offers its clients personalized assistance to cover your residency needs to make it possible.

For clients who are seeking an alternative residency in Malaysia, IBC also offers its clients personalized assistance with residency and migration needs. Our integrated services cover all aspects of migration, including the application stage, banking matters, visa renewal accommodation and real estate management services.

IBC ensures that all aspects of our inbound services are curated to the highest level of comfort and satisfaction, allowing our clients to focus on matters that are important to them.